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Car Gear Race 3D Game

Car Gear Race 3D Game Introducir :

Are you dare to jump into a race? where the challenge is to shift gears at the perfect time, In order to win the race.

No one has ever played enough car racing games and no one can entertain a debate about it. Be it a boy or a girl, racing a car has always been the most electrifying and addictive game to play. Gear Car Race 3D provides the same very vibes and lets you enter the endless arcade racing. Drive through your path and change the gears accordingly, remember the key to victory lies in the gear handling. The gear installed gives such realistic vibes that you’ll be enjoying driving the ways as in reality within no time.

Gear Car Race 3D offers stunning 3D graphics, colorful animation, and stimulating appeal. The vibrant range of colors makes it a good go for players of younger age and proves to be their best and healthy racing partner, unlike harsh racing games that can spoil their ethics for traveling on a road. The soothing and satisfying controls with such lively graphics plus you making countless victories are definitely going to make your day.


Listing a few reasons why you need to download and play Gear Car Race 3D now!

• Very activating, cheering, and mood-lifting game with very easy controls.

• Daily levels and challenges that challenge your attention, direct the cars to the end band, complete the challenges to uncover exciting rewards.

• Soothing and relaxing graphics and animations.

• A great number of levels and fascinating templates build interest par excellence.

• Game hardness level increases as you progress towards advanced levels, beating the opponents may give you a hard time but it’ll be worth it.

• Relaxing music tones in the background to calm your head.

• Offline Playability, Play the game either offline or online without any compromises.

Car Gear Race 3D Game Captura de pantalla :

Car Gear Race 3D Game Captura de pantalla

Car Gear Race 3D Game Captura de pantalla

Car Gear Race 3D Game Captura de pantalla

Car Gear Race 3D Game Captura de pantalla

Car Gear Race 3D Game (15.0MB)

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