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checkers board game

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The free checkers game is a classic board game also one of the best thinking games there is. You\’ll soon discover that it\’s not just a matter of moving a black pawn to eat a white one. Train tirelessly to become an expert

three different rules for online checkers game board:

– French checkers
– English checkers
– Spanish checkers

Attention! A pawn is obligatory!

In French checkers game or multiplayer checkers game It is also possible to take several pawns at once. All you need to do is have a free square behind and be glued diagonally to an opposing pawn after each jump.

Checkers are a simplified version of chess. The board is the same, but the goal, more action-centric, is to cross the chessboard. Thanks to the Internet, you don\’t even need hardware anymore. We have hundreds of free checkers games for you!

Play checkers with your friends or take on mobile for an extra challenge. The rules are the same: two players, one has whites and the other blacks. Each in turn, they jump over the pawns until reaching the other side of the chessboard

how to get a dama?

To get a dama, player A\’s pawn must arrive on one of the squares in player B\’s last row. When this happens, a pawn removed from the checkerboard is added in advance in a previous attack to place it over the pawn.

A dama pawn can move freely (forward and backward), cross several empty squares and change direction as long as she finds an empty square behind the opposing pawn. It can therefore remove several opposing pawns at once

how to win a game of dama checkers?

The player declared the winner is the one who managed to take all the pawns from his opponent.
Sometimes both players can\’t take all the opposing pawns. The game is then considered null and void, without a winner. It is then left for the 2 players to start a game again

With virtual checkers, you can change the board at your leisure, whether you prefer the traditional game with Checkers Classic or Checkers Fun

The result:

The win is earned by a player when his opponent:
Abandon the game
He is unable to play while he has the line
No more parts
The tie, also referred to as postponed or null, is obtained for each of the opponents:
Who declares it, by mutual agreement
When neither of them achieves the gain


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checkers board game Captura de pantalla

checkers board game Captura de pantalla

checkers board game Captura de pantalla

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