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Flipper Dunk Shot 3D

Flipper Dunk Shot 3D Introducir :

A Flipper dunk ball or pinball machine for children to show their dunk basketball or simple dunk ball skills. This type of Dunk flipper app will make children mind sharp and with precision, they can improve their shooting skills. It\’s not like our average arcade pinball game it is a very difficult user will have to aim with the thing in mind that was to hit the flipper ball and walls position cant be accurate every time. It\’s more like a blend of a pinball arcade game which is usually free to play and a basketball dunk game. With different balls, the gameplay is also different, difficult, and more enjoyable.
This Flipper Dunk Shot looks very easy to play however it is really not!!
This arcade Pinball type flipper dunk game is a very exciting single tap game where children can easily just tap and start and play this flipper duk ball game. there is a variety of ball for flipper to choose from like basketball our custom-designed panda ball, packman ball, cricket ball,flipper dragon ball, volleyball, flipper panda ball, and many more you can even play with an emoji face ball flipper which is very adorable.
The Flipper Dunk Shot game has many different backgrounds which are very soothing to the eye having a nice background with good and color full flipper ball and just one tap gameplay make this game very easy to use. Different backgrounds will have different balls also different flippers like our old arcade flipper dunk game or casual game.
Ball Basket has a very important role in using this Flipper dunk shot because just like basketball this game also focuses you to put the ball in the basket using the flipper basket method.

How to throw flipper dunk ball or how to play this flipper dunk ball game?

Simple gameplay, Tap the screen Flip the ball with a flipper, and put the dunk ball in the basket with angles and collision with walls. This isn\’t just a flip dunk dunk and then flip again thing the dunk shot requires accuracy. This dunk ball short game can be very excited for kids and in their free time, adults can also pass their time by playing this Flipper Dunk game. This game requires you to keep your finger on the screen anytime the ball can come down to the flipper and you have to flip the dunk shot ball otherwise the ball will fall down and the round will be lost.

Starting from first level dunk shot will get difficult and with each level passes player will have to put the ball in the basket for the required number of times and if you lost the flipping ball and miss it, the basketball fell down and gave will end there is no second dunk shot chance so flip ball with accuracy.
This Dunk Basketball app or you can say flipper dunk app is not like dunk go. The Dunk ball shot makes this game very exciting especially the part when the basket is in high position this makes it a difficult flip dunk shot but it can easily be achieved if you have some ball angle accuracy. when the game gets difficult players will experience the gameplay of pinball and dunk ball shot at the same time.
This Flipper Dunk Shot has 99+ levels to play if somehow you reach the end of levels, This flipper dunk shot game doesn\’t just end there we also have endless flipper dunk round where you can enjoy the game infinitely. This game is specially designed for kids so that they can play the flipper dunk game easy one-tap control makes it very easy to flip the ball and by adjusting the angle you want by flipping the dunk ball and colliding with walls. The endless round is arcade-type pinball but with flipper basket ball will spawn randomly and you have to flip the ball put it in the basket this basket is our usual basketball basket so the gameplay is easily understandable. The higher your score is in endless mode the more difficult it will be to dunk and fliper dunk ball. With the endless score in flip dunk shot you can play with your friends and show them your high score it is very difficult game and dunk shots can be very difficult at some times.

Flipper Dunk Shot 3D Captura de pantalla :

Flipper Dunk Shot 3D Captura de pantalla

Flipper Dunk Shot 3D Captura de pantalla

Flipper Dunk Shot 3D Captura de pantalla

Flipper Dunk Shot 3D Captura de pantalla

Flipper Dunk Shot 3D (24.4MB)

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