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Global Hero

Global Hero Introducir :

How do we end extreme poverty, fight inequality, and bring positive change to the world? It\’s not easy, but there is a plan.

The United Nations has developed 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help us improve world sustainability, with the goal of making our world a better place by 2030.

Inspired by the SDGs, this FREE app features 17 exciting games that showcase each goal at a high level. Global leaders endorse the goals but making them real is everyone’s responsibility. Connect and challenge your Facebook friends to earn the top spot on the leaderboard!

We can all make a difference AND have fun doing it – so start playing and sharing today!

This app is brought to you by a collaboration of organizations that support the SDGs. Use this tool for awareness and inspiration.

– Lift people out of poverty by helping them collect the empowering balloons and avoiding negative ones.
– Whack the pests and save useful tools to encourage healthy crop growth.
– Protect people by dragging and dropping malaria nets over their beds.
– Avoid roadblocks as you race to school, collecting school supplies along the way.
– Drag and drop equal numbers of men and women from the elevator to each floor.
– Draw water pipes from the water treatment facility to every building.
– Press and hold the solar panel under the sun to charge the battery.
– Drag and drop workers to their correct places of work.
– Draw the road and avoid obstacles to connect the farm and the port.
– Drag and drop to balance inequality between families on both sides of the scale.
– Drag and drop to complete the empty roads and structures on the map.
– Guide the bin left and right to catch recyclable materials and avoid non-recyclables.
– Whack to eliminate CO2 and save positive environmental benefits.
– Tap garbage to clean our oceans while avoiding the fish.
– Swipe up on tree stumps to replant the trees.
– Whack the bandits against justice and save positive societal impacts.
– Drag and drop to collect Sustainable Development Goal contributions from around the world.

DISCLAIMER: this app is inspired by the SDGs, but it is not created or endorsed by the United Nations.

Global Hero Captura de pantalla :

Global Hero Captura de pantalla

Global Hero Captura de pantalla

Global Hero Captura de pantalla

Global Hero Captura de pantalla

Global Hero Captura de pantalla

Global Hero (52.9MB)

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