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información de modificación:

Half World (beta) El juego aún no ha lanzado una versión oficial, bienvenido a probar la experiencia de prueba.

Half World (beta) Introducir :

The brave \»clearly agreed to divide me half the world…\»

Devil king \»I give half the world cent…… to you, beg you stay…… stay my life!\»

He clearly said so, but obviously I was deceived…… !


Devil king \»true not simple, unexpectedly find here.\»

\»I will bury you with my devil\’s hands!\»

Brave man……

In the final battle the brave showed a crushing victory!

In pursuit of the demon king on the way to get the demon king amazing deal……

. Six months after the final battle between the brave and the devil

No abated monster at all,

It\’s growing all the time.

Accustomed to the brave, decided to meet the devil again!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The game features

– In order to get the half of the world mentioned in the deal, set foot on the journey to meet the demon king again!

Inquire back to the news refers to the devil king must be in the top floor of the city. There is no other way, then climb the city!

– Gather the companions from all walks of life together to rule the demon King city!

Gather the companion of different personality to capture demon king city!

– If the enemy is too strong, use resurrection!

The brave and their companions will be reborn stronger than ever!

– It\’s better to carry a summoner in battle!

Although the use time is relatively short, but the use of summon beast effect is very strong!

Half World (beta) Captura de pantalla :

Half World (beta) Captura de pantalla

Half World (beta) Captura de pantalla

Half World (beta) Captura de pantalla

Half World (beta) Captura de pantalla

Half World (beta) (108.5MB)

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