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ISTO Game or Ashta chamma

ISTO Game or Ashta chamma Introducir :

ISTO CHAMPION game is played with special dice called cowry shells and play with minimum of 2 players and maximum of 4 players.Like Ludo game Player must move all his four pawn to destination which is located at the center of the grid before other players do.If you are getting bored & you want to spend your time, than ISTO Game is best way to enjoy and spend your time.

Game Rules:

1. When game starts all pawns are blocked at home, to release pawns player must roll 1 or 4 or 8.

2. Every player has a path to reach destination . So when player gets a number, then he/she needs to choose one of their released pawns and move it that many squares along the path.

3. Only one pawn can stand on a square except on a safe square which marked with star. So if player 1’s pawn stands on a square and player 2’s pawn is moving to the same square then player 2 pawn can kill Player 1’s pawn. Then player 1’s pawn will go back to the starting square and gets blocked again.

4. When player rolls 4, 8 or kills opponent pawn he/she will get another chance to roll.

5. Reaching the central square: A pawn needs to reach the central square exactly. For example, if a pawn is 3 squares away from the center and the player throws a 4, then that pawn cannot be moved.

ISTO Game or Ashta chamma Captura de pantalla :

ISTO Game or Ashta chamma Captura de pantalla

ISTO Game or Ashta chamma Captura de pantalla

ISTO Game or Ashta chamma (3.7MB)

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