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Reversatile Introducir :

Reversatile is a Reversi Trainer that can be used used to analyze and play Othello™ and Reversi™ Games. It is based on the well known Zebra Engine by Gunnar Andersson.
This App is a fork of the discontinued DroidZebra App by Alex Kompra.

It also offers a strong AI, which you can play against at different Levels.

This App is open source and available on github. Feel free to propose new Features and report any Bugs.

The app uses Firebase for analytics and error logs anonymously (therefore internet access is required). Device IDs or AD Ids are not transmitted or stored. An Opt-Out Function will be available soon.

Reversatile Captura de pantalla :

Reversatile Captura de pantalla

Reversatile Captura de pantalla

Reversatile (7.4MB)

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