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información de modificación:

Shooting Zombie No hay límite para comprar armas, cuantas más monedas de oro se usen, más

Shooting Zombie Introducir :

This world is already occupied by zombies, all you can do is to destroy all the zombies and live.

Survivor, glad you are alive!
The scientific maniac BBKing has invented a terrible virus that can turn humans and even animals into zombies.
Now that the terrifying zombie virus has swept the world, you may be the only one left in this area.
They are billions, with different shapes and abilities. The virus makes them gradually stronger. In order to deal with them, you also need to constantly upgrade your equipment.
Hold your weapon now, destroy all enemies, try to survive and stop BBKing\’s evil plan.

Tap the screen, aim at the weakness of the zombies and shoot, destroy all enemies, collect gold coins, unlock more powerful weapons, and upgrade them.

Game features:
-Simple operation, one finger can complete the battle
-More than a dozen difficult bosses with different skills, including Titan Zombie, Doctor Zombie, Mutant Sand Snake, War Machine, Ghost Captain, etc.
-More than a dozen different styles of scenes, including towns, forests, cemeteries, treasure bays, biochemical laboratories, etc.
-Dozens of enemies with different skills, including running zombies, dashing zombies, mutant spiders, pirate zombies, self-destructing robots, etc.
-More than a dozen weapons with different capabilities, including AK47, MG42, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, Mauser pistol, Spas shotgun, etc.
-Hundreds of different levels
-Experience all content for free

Shooting Zombie Captura de pantalla :

Shooting Zombie Captura de pantalla

Shooting Zombie Captura de pantalla

Shooting Zombie Captura de pantalla

Shooting Zombie Captura de pantalla

Shooting Zombie (68.7MB)

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