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Stapoo is a tap-n-collect game, a new mix of tile breaking & points collecting game with unlimited fun. Stapoo focused on stress busting, just break the tiles – have fun and get relaxed.

If you are looking for the perfect time killer game, Stapoo is the one for you that revolves around addictive game play. With unlimited fun and nonstop entertainment, Stapoo is the ideal game for every person. Stapoo is a fun, addictive and popular game that has taken the market by storm. With its interesting game play and user friendly features, Stapoo is the ultimate destination for any game lover.

The game play is amazing with ten stages. Each stage has ten levels where you have to finish the goals of the previous level before you get to open the next level. Only by succeeding in the previous level can you compete in the next ones.

How to play:

• Download the game
• Launch it on your device
• Get started with the stages from the first level
• Tap at the tiles that contains numbers in the positive value
• Do not tap on tiles that have the negative symbols as they would tend to lose you the gained points
• Tap on the gift box to receive extra bonuses in time, or blast off tiles to get more points.
• Once the tiles cross the laser line, they cannot be retrieved

As you progress on this game you will find many new and different tiles where you have to double tap on some tiles for them to break after which you can collect the points. With Stapoo you can never feel bored or lonely again. You can play Stapoo always during your free time.

Stapoo has many features for you to try out.

Some of these are,

• High Definition quality graphics
• User friendly and simple UI/UX
• Interactive game play
• Challenging
• Starting bonus
• Collect gift tiles to avail bonus during the game
• Finish the game requirements to move on to the next level.

Stapoo has a great many added features inside. Once you start playing the game, there is no letting go of your device as it is a fun game to play. It improves concentration and lets you become more aware than you already are mentally.

Stapoo is a complete relaxation game and fills the player with a sense of rejuvenation. Popular games like Stapoo are widely enjoyed by players owing to their simple yet interesting game play.

With Stapoo, you can just tap and play on your phone when you get bored or lonely. So why wait now? Download Stapoo and get started on an epic journey.

Stapoo Captura de pantalla :

Stapoo Captura de pantalla

Stapoo Captura de pantalla

Stapoo Captura de pantalla

Stapoo Captura de pantalla

Stapoo Captura de pantalla

Stapoo (65.7MB)

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