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Wood Puzzledom Collection game

Wood Puzzledom Collection game Introducir :

Wood Puzzledom – series of brain training games, such as unbock, sudoku, block puzzle, 2048, Hexa Puzzle and many puzzles games. This is a collection of the most interesting puzzle games.

These games are easy to use, simple to play but very addictive, while playing and thinking, training the brain. These games will increase IQ and make you feeling enjoy.

GAME Features

★ Easy to learn, hard to master.

★ This game is designed for all ages

★ You can play offline without Wi-Fi! You can play anywhere!

★ Unlimited time! You can play for as long as you want! No time pressure or any rush

★ Exercise and challenge with your brain

★ Use props wisely and skillfully when facing difficulties

★ Clean, colorful graphics

★ Fun sound effects


֎ Tlie Clash

Place 3 identical squares on the scroll to eliminate them. After eliminating all the blocks on the field, the game wins 1 level!

֎ Unlock Ball

The balls were placed in different blocks. Wood brick cannot be moved in each level. You need to start brainstorming and overcoming the barrier.

Slide or drag tiles to make a path. Create a path for moving the ball to the Green Goal block.

Try to collect all the stars along the way.

Over 1000+ awesome levels and updates will be continued!

֎ Block Sudoku

Wood block puzzle game, mix puzzle game and Sudoku game, free to play offline, more puzzles and more fun!

Whether you want to relax or keep your mind active – Block Sudoku game will help you feeling relax

֎ Woody Trigon

The hexa board contains 6 large triangles . You must use your brains to fill up the big triangles with various shape blocks. Please note that the bigger the combo you create and clear, the higher the score. Try your best to make combo 6 to clear all triangle blocks in the hexagonal board.

֎ Drop Number

Click, Tap ,drop and merge colorful blocks of the same number to score high! e.g 1024 -> 2048 -> 4096 and so on till infinity. Larger you merge number, more score you get! The challenge increases gradually with large numbered blocks.

֎ Block elimination

Place blocks of different shapes on an 8*8 chessboard, and blocks can be eliminated by filling a row or column.

If no squares can be placed, game over. A mini games offline is fun

֎ Hexagon Puzzle

Move the squares at the bottom of the screen to the discard area and place them in a complete row or multiple rows and get score.

As the game progresses, unremoved blocks form obstacles, increase the difficulty of the game.

֎ Unblock Red

Move the wooden block to make a path for the red square to go away from the board. Horizontal box moves left and right; Vertical boxes move up and down.

Use your brain and slider to unlock red blocks to improve thinking and brainstorming skills.

֎ Mahjong solitaire

Randomly stacked mahjong tiles are generated on the screen. Click on two mahjongs with the same pattern to remove them. After clearing all the tiles, you can clear the level. If a card has cards to the left and right or above and below, that card cannot be selected.

This game is very popular all over the world. Easy to operate and comfortable color matching, no matter you are a beginner or an advanced player, everyone can play comfortably.

֎ Huarong Game

Huarong Game, after the game starts, interrupt the sequence of numbers randomly, use your finger to touch the sliding screen to move the slider to the correct position.

The aim of the game is to use a few steps and a short time to move the number tiles on the board, and follow Rearrange from left to right, top to bottom When you arrange the number tiles on the screen in a neat order, you win!

From 3×3 to 10×10, the game has more levels, harder and more enjoy.

֎ Other games

· In addition to the above games, there are more puzzles waiting for you to challenge in the game.

· We will keep adding new puzzle games.

Are you ready? Download now, and play Wood Puzzledom-a collection of fun puzzle games free!

Wood Puzzledom Collection game Captura de pantalla :

Wood Puzzledom Collection game Captura de pantalla

Wood Puzzledom Collection game Captura de pantalla

Wood Puzzledom Collection game Captura de pantalla

Wood Puzzledom Collection game Captura de pantalla

Wood Puzzledom Collection game Captura de pantalla

Wood Puzzledom Collection game Captura de pantalla

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